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Fujian Jinjian Food Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2008, with a total land area of 60 acres, a total investment of 70 million yuan, and a registered capital of 20 million yuan. Mainly produce candy, biscuits, beverages and other foods. Three standardized workshops have been built, totaling 25,000 square meters, and one office dormitory building is 8,000 square meters. There are 7 candy production lines in it, which can produce about 4,000 tons of candy, biscuits, and beverages annually. It is the only large-scale candy and food production enterprise in our city.

The company has production workshops, packaging workshops, assembly line workshops and finished product workshops. All production equipments are in full compliance with national industry standards. It is a modern management production integrating production packaging, logistics, warehousing, leisure, sports, and greening. enterprise. There are more than 200 employees, including 11 scientific researchers, 6 college graduates or above, and 5 college graduates or above, forming a research team with strong research and development capabilities for new products and market development.

At present, the first-phase production line has been put into production, and the products are sold well in major capital cities across the country, especially in northern cities. The company's production of chewing gum, bubble gum, and lollipops is popular with children and young people.

With a total investment of 50 million yuan in the second phase, the company plans to build a 15,000 square meter production plant with five automatic production lines for beverages and biscuits. The project is now under planning and design.

Customers include America, Canada, Mexico and other American countries; European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and 56 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, covering 31 provincial capitals.

In addition, we have strong scientific research and product development capabilities, and constantly innovate and adjust our products according to changes in consumer preferences and needs. We believe that our ability in product differentiation and innovation will help strengthen our competitiveness.

Jinjian Foods sincerely cooperates with the majority of partners for a win-win cooperation!

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