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■The biscuit with a good surface has a complete shape, clear pattern, fine organization, basically uniform thickness, no shrinkage or deformation, and has fine and uniform small pores. It is easy to break by hand and has no impurities. Inferior biscuits have blisters, rough structure, severely broken, stained, and some biscuits even contain impurities and mold.

■The biscuits with well-identified smell and taste should have the unique fragrance of the product, with pure sweetness, crisp, crispy, no peculiar smell, and no sticky teeth; inferior biscuits have a firm taste and not crispy; inferior biscuits have a rancid taste of fat.

■The surface, bottom, and edges of the biscuits that have been identified by the sensory system are uniformly golden or straw yellow, with a bright gelatinization layer on the surface; the inferior biscuits are not uniform in color, the surface is not shiny, and there is raw flour or blooming. Slightly different color.

■Pay attention to the production date. Various signs on the packaging of biscuit products must be standardized and complete, especially to check the production date.